Victory is approaching the Croatian, Brozovic, and Barcelona surrenders

Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia is close to signing Croatian international Marcelo Brozovic, captain and midfielder of Inter Milan, to join the team in the summer transfer period.

According to Al’s sources, the agreement between the Saudi club and the Croatian player has become very close after the two parties agreed on personal terms, while the club agreed with its Italian counterpart to buy the remaining two years of the team captain’s contract.

Barcelona wanted to sign Marcelo, 30, but his financial crisis did not allow him to get the player whom many see as the right man to succeed Sergio Busquets, who announced his departure from the Catalan club last month.

Brozovic moved to Inter in the summer of 2016 from Dinamo Zagreb, and since then he has been a key piece in the “Nerazzurri” midfield and was one of the reasons why Inter reached the Champions League final earlier this month against Manchester City before losing with a goal without a response, which is the first time. The club coming from Milan has been playing in the final of the continental championship since 2010.

Prozovic played 40 matches with Inter in all competitions during the past season, during which he scored 3 goals and made 6, while he won the Italian League and the Italian Cup “twice” and the Italian Super Cup “twice”.

The “crocodile” Marcelo saw the light in a small village on the outskirts of Croatian Zagreb, known as the city of dragons, and full of reptiles and snake statues in the Middle Ages. Since he was young, he became a well-known football player in his country and the old continent.

The “versatile player on the field” grew up in the village of Okoji along with his brother Patrick and his sister Emma, ​​near the city of Velika Gorica, which belongs to the capital Zagreb, and the villagers adore Marcelo, and they are proud of him, as the little boy from their village has become a star and plays for the national team. .

Locals still remember how his father Ivan used to do private training with his sons, Patrick the Elder and the Younger Marcelo. It was certain that Marcelo had a brilliant future in football, because of his father’s interest in him when he was young.

When the Croatian international reached the age group, he joined a local club, and after only two weeks, the director of the academy told his father that there was no point in him being with them, because the boy had much greater potential, and he could even play three consecutive matches.

Marcelo Brozovic made his debut as a professional player in July 2010, with the Hrvatski Dragovljak team, which he joined in his academy, where they realized while playing Marcelo with his colleagues that they had obtained a diamond, a player with the lungs of a marathon runner, great energy, good technique and a high sense, he absorbed the tactical ideas of the coach such as The sponge, so when he was young he reached the first team quickly, except that he was only training and did not participate in the matches, so his father intervened in his own way, after he saw that his son lacked the rhythm of the game, so he brought him to the lower competitions, and smuggled him to play with his brother Partik in the league the village.

He scored his first goal with the first team of Hrvatski Dragovljak after a full year, and after his team was relegated, he moved to Lokomotiva, which later achieved a comfortable position in the middle of the standings.

Brozovic devoted himself to football, and decided to drop out after he reached the second grade of high school. His family made the difficult decision because they felt that football and school would not go together, as his father says: We decided that Marcelo would devote himself entirely to football. We knew it was a risky move. Today, when we see him playing in the Croatian national team and earning a high salary with Inter Milan, many will say that we were right, but this should not be done by anyone, because the stakes were very high, and his life was often at stake, an injury could have ended One of his career, and parents who are considering similar moves at the present time should pay attention, given that Marcelo belongs to a small percentage of successful people, there are countless cases with a sad end, but the midfielder returned to study after he joined in 2012 at college. Sports management.

The shift in Marcelo’s career came on August 31, 2012, when Dinamo Zagreb announced its contract with the talented boy, who was able to show his great talent at an early age, and ended his first season dramatically by helping the team win the league.

He participated in the 2013 Champions League qualifiers, when his team was surprisingly defeated in Zagreb 2-0, and the coach, who did not give the young man appropriate minutes of play, was dismissed before Zoran Mamić, the sports director at the time who coached Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal later, took over. By putting Brozović in the starting line-up for the second leg, he scored his first European goal, and less than a year later he was included in Croatia’s squad for the 2014 World Cup.

And Inter decided to bring him to Italy in January 2015, where the club saw him as a talented midfielder who could contribute to the attack, and had a good eye for the goal. On February 1 of the same year, he made his mark with a goal during his team’s 4-3 victory over Empoli.

The Croatian star has a tattoo on his right hand, a hand gesture emoji on the chin, known as the thinking face emoji, a pose that has become synonymous with Brozovic when he scores. The crocodile” after he was seen for the first time in 2018 lying behind the wall of Inter blocking while executing a free kick, to ensure that the ball did not enter the goal in front of Barcelona, ​​​​when he threw himself on the ground when Suarez hit the ball, and later after that he celebrated “Halloween” dressed as crocodile.

Brozovic entered the field of music, where he tried himself as a singer in January 2010 after he participated in a song by a rapper, but his journey in this field did not last long.

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