A terrifying situation.. A lifeless body fell and her colleagues continued to work!

In an unimaginable situation, employees of a call center in the Spanish capital continued to answer phones for two hours and forty minutes in the same room in which their colleague fell dead.

The accident occurred, last Tuesday, when the employee in the “Connecta” office, called “Inma”, 57, suddenly fell with a heart attack of unknown cause.

The corpse is on the ground.. as if nothing had happened

Inma, who had been working for the company for 15 years, was also announced dead, half an hour after receiving first aid, at a time when her colleagues were continuing to work by answering calls about electrical faults, according to local media.

The body remained on the ground, guarded by police officers, waiting for the judge, and a union representative said that 4 of her colleagues stayed for more than two hours without moving from their offices, as if nothing had happened.

Inhumane robotic action

While witnesses stated that the late lady’s colleagues close to her office “stood in shock” after her death, but others in the same workplace, which includes 70 employees, did not bother to take their eyes off their desktop computers.

For his part, the union spokesman said that the employees “have become accustomed to an automated and inhuman work system where the instinctive choice for them is to continue taking calls.”

In turn, Connecta announced that it had allowed remote work for employees who wished to do so, following the tragedy that the French newspaper “Le Parisien” described as a “despicable incident in the heart of Madrid.”

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