Alert in the capital.. Prigozhin: “We are close to the outskirts of Moscow”

Despite announcing that he and his forces were banned from social media, a commander announced Wagner Collection Yevgeny PrigogineHis forces are close to the outskirts of Moscow.

He did Russian billionaire What he announced in the morning, when he confirmed his intention to complete the road and reach the Russian capital in the event that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov did not come to meet him, which did not happen.

While Wagner continues to advance to the road leading to the Russian capital, the stronghold of the Kremlin master, Vladimir Putin, according to what was reported today, Saturday, by the Ribar military website.

Prigozhin’s commander announced that his forces were on the outskirts of the capital, though many military analysts were skeptical.

On the other hand, the Russian authorities announced the strengthening of security measures at a number of entrances to the capital.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin suggested that movement would be banned on some roads in the city.

He also asked residents not to take trips around the city as much as possible due to the announcement of an anti-terror operation, saying the situation was “difficult”.

Sobyanin added in a statement that Monday will be a day off from work, with some exceptions, in order to “reduce risks”.

The circle of confrontations widened

Prigozhin’s announcement came at a time when the circle of confrontations with the Russian army in southern Russia widened today, Saturday.

The vicinity of the city of Rostov, close to the borders of Ukraine, which Wagner forces entered earlier today and took control of its military leaders, witnessed an exchange of fire between the two parties.

Pictures showed units of the Chechen “Ahmed” forces heading towards Rostov to confront Wagner’s forces.

While the commander of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced that his forces had crossed the nearby city of Voronezh and headed to Lipetsk, which threatens to expand the circle of confrontations.

This prompted the authorities in the Lipetsk region to ask residents to stay indoors for security reasons.

While pictures from the place showed a Russian helicopter targeting Wagner sites in Voronezh.

This comes as a huge fire broke out at an oil refinery in Voronezh, where video clips showed clouds of smoke rising in the city sky.

“Pledge not to back down”

Earlier on Saturday, Prigozhin confirmed that he had entered the general headquarters of the army command in Rostov, which is a major center for the Russian attack on Ukraine, and had taken control of military sites, including the airport. He said in a video clip posted on Telegram that “military sites in Rostov are under control, including the airport,” as men in military fatigues walked behind him.

Following his remarks, Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the situation in Rostov was “difficult because of the rebellion.”

All these field developments came after Wagner’s commander announced the military rebellion yesterday evening, pledging not to back down.

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