Continuous reports by Putin about Wagner’s rebellion… and security alert in Moscow

The Kremlin confirmed on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving “Continuous reportsOn the development of the situation following the Wagner Group’s announcement of the uprising against the leadership of the Russian army.

Inform Putin moment by moment

“The special services and law enforcement agencies, i.e. the Ministry of Defense, the Security Service, the Ministry of Interior and the National Guard, constantly inform the president of the measures taken to implement the instructions given to them,” presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies.

Security alert

In the context, the official Russian news agency “Tass” reported at dawn on Saturday that security measures had been tightened in Moscow in the wake of the Wagner Group leader’s call for an armed rebellion against the Russian military leadership.

“TASS” quoted an unnamed security official as saying:Security procedures Tightened in Moscow. The most important sites are subject to strict security measures,” as well as “state agencies and transportation facilities.”

The agency did not mention these procedures in detail.

Mechanisms near the Ministry of Defense

Pictures circulating on social networks show military vehicles driving in the city near the Ministry of Defense and in one of the sites in front of the State Duma, dozens of meters away from the Kremlin.

Earlier, the Kremlin announced that the Attorney General briefed Putin on an investigation into an “armed rebellion” that was opened following the Wagner Group’s uprising against the leadership of the Russian army.

“Targeting back sites for Wagner”

The unprecedented escalation began when the leader of the “Wagner” group called on Friday for an uprising against the leadership of the Russian army, after accusing it of killing a large number of its members in a bombing targeting their rear positions in Ukraine, in an accusation denied by Moscow, demanding Yevgeny Prigozhin’s fighters to arrest him on charges of “calling for a rebellion”. armed”.

Prigozhin also called on the army not to “resist” his troops.

He confirmed that the number of his fighters is 25,000, calling on the Russians, especially the army, to join the ranks of his fighters.

“Not a coup”

The “Wagner” commander denied that he was in the process of executing “Military coupstressing that he wants to lead a “march for justice.”

Moscow denies

However, Moscow’s response was not long in coming, as the Ministry of Defense rushed to deny Prigozhin’s accusations.

This bomb, which Prigozhin’s commander detonated in the face of the Russian military leadership, brings to the open the deep tensions experienced by the Kremlin forces in Ukraine.

Earlier Friday, Prigozhin said that Russian forces were retreating in eastern and southern Ukraine, following the counterattack launched by Kiev forces.

These statements contradict Putin’s recent assurances that Ukraine is suffering “catastrophic” losses in its counterattack.

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