He set his body on fire.. A shower dish kills a groom in Egypt

In a heartbreaking incident, a groom was burned to death in the Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra area in Al-Gharbia Governorate in the most horrific way.

The young man, who got married 7 days ago, was not complete, as he died after being hit by a “shower plate” that he was trying to install on the roof of his house, causing separate burns on his body.

The groom arrived at the hospital with an electric shock while he was installing the dish, and the fire caught fire and he suffered separate burns on his body, after which he breathed his last.

The security services in Gharbia Governorate had received a report of the arrival of a young man at a hospital with scattered burns all over his body, so the investigation officers moved to the location of the report.

On examination, it was found that a young man in his thirties was injured and died of electric shock. He was transferred to the burn center in Kafr El-Zayat, to die there.

from the Egyptian police

Investigation and record

It is noteworthy that the competent authorities decided to investigate by assigning a forensic doctor to examine the deceased and ascertain the cause of death.

The authorities listened to the statements of the family of the late groom, and a record of the incident was issued.

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