Our forces will return to their bases, our right to bloodshed

Wagner commander Yevgeny Prigozhin surprisingly announced on Saturday evening that his forces, which began marching into Moscow on Friday evening after rebelling against the military leadership, are “returning” to their bases. Our right to Russian blood.

‘We avoided bloodshed’

“We are very happy that we have so far avoided bloodshed,” Prigozhin said in an audio recording released by his office. “On June 23 we set off on a march for justice. In one day we reached 200 kilometers from Moscow.”

He added, “During all this time, we did not shed a single drop of the blood of our fighters.”

We’ll go back to our camps.

He explained, “Now is the time when blood can be shed. Therefore, aware of our full responsibility for the fact that Russian blood will be spilled on one side, we are managing the destination of our convoys and returning to the field camps according to plan.”

“stop moves”

Prigogine’s statement came far Declaration by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko That Wagner’s commander informed him on Saturday of his agreement to “stop the movements” of his fighters in Russia and to avoid any further escalation of the situation.

The unofficial channel of the Belarusian presidency on Telegram said, “Yevgeny Prigozhin agreed to the proposal of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movements of the Wagner Group militants and take measures to calm tensions.”

‘With Putin’s approval’

The channel added that the mediation took place in agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin and continued throughout the day.

She also added, “What is proposed now is completely acceptable… to resolve the situation, with security guarantees for Wagner fighters.”

It is noteworthy that this mediation came after the circle of confrontations between Wagner’s forces and the Russian army widened, hours after the group declared an armed rebellion.

Disagreements erupted between the commander of that military group and the army commanders, many months ago, during the bloody battles in Ukraine, but they turned into armed clashes since Friday evening.

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