Prigozhin backs down: We do not demand Putin’s change

Despite the quick response announced by him Yevgeny PrigogineOn the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin, today, Saturday, that a new president will soon be for Russia, the man retracted his words.

Wagner’s commander declared that he was not demanding change Putin Or the authorities, but rather supports the goals of the military operation in Ukraine.

He retracted

He accused, via Telegram, the Russian Ministry of Defense of trying to destroy his fighters and seeking to defeat him militarily in Ukraine.

This came a few hours after the Russian President, Commander Wagner, and the rebel army pledged severe punishment.

While Prigozhin considered that Putin made the wrong choice, and avoided in his speech mentioning the traitors and rebels from his forces, according to his description.

And Wagner’s commander considered that the Russian president “severely erred in accusing his fighters” of treason, stressing that his forces “will not surrender.” He added, “No one will surrender at the request of the president, the security services or whoever,” and this is the first time that Prigozhin has personally attacked Putin.

The controversial man also saw, in statements published by his channels on Telegram, that Russia will soon have a new president, severing any hope of reconciliation with Moscow, and crossing all red lines clearly drawn in the country of Russia, but he retracted his words.

In addition, he harshly criticized the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, considering that he had turned his forces into a public relations apparatus for his interests and desires.

fiery remarks

The 62-year-old Wagner commander, who sparked controversy with his fiery statements during the past months against the Russian staff, announced yesterday evening what looked like disobedience and military rebellion, calling on the army to overthrow his leaders.

Prigozhin: Putin was deeply mistaken in accusing the Wagner Group of “treason”.

It is noteworthy that the differences between the commander of that military group and the army leaders erupted many months ago during the bloody battles that took place in Ukraine.

While the fighting in the city of Bakhmut in southern Ukraine constituted the hair that broke the camel’s back, as Yevgeny accused the Russian Defense Minister and Chief of Staff of plotting against him and betraying him, and withholding weapons from his fighters.

However, the Russian defense often denied these accusations, without responding directly to Yevgeny. Until the differences erupted dramatically since last night, when Prigozhin announced the military rebellion.

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