Security alert in Moscow.. and the Russian prosecution calls for the arrest of the Wagner commander

After Russia’s Federal Security Service charged Wagner commander with armed rebellion, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office called late Friday night Wagner fighters For not carrying out the orders of the group commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and for arresting him.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed that it would provide an appropriate legal assessment of its actions. According to the statement of the Prosecutor General’s Office, “On June 23, 2023, the Investigation Department of the Russian Federal Security Service legally initiated the opening of a criminal case against Prigozhin, under Article 279 of the Russian Criminal Code on organizing an armed rebellion.” His actions will be given an appropriate legal evaluation.” According to the statement, this crime is punishable by a prison term of between 12 and 20 years.

Meanwhile, the Russian forces tightened their procedures in the capital, Moscow, and placed important facilities under guard.

“armed rebellion”

The Russian National Committee for Combating Terrorism had announced earlier Friday that the Russian Federal Security Service had opened a criminal case against Yevgeny Prigozhin, the commander of the Russian private military Wagner Group, accusing him of calling for an armed rebellion.

This came after Prigozhin accused the Russian army of having “destroyed” its fighters and vowed to stop the “evil” of the military leadership.

“Inform Putin of developments”

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the developments and that there were “measures to
necessary take”.

And Prigogine drew Accusations of the Russian armyThe Defense Ministry quickly issued a statement saying that Prigozhin’s accusations were “incorrect and represent a media provocation.”

In a series of audio messages on his official Telegram channel, Commander Wagner said that “those who destroyed our youth, who destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers, will be punished.”

He added that the details of what happened would just appear, explaining, “The Minister of Defense specially arrived in Rostov to carry out an operation to destroy the private military company Wagner.”

“treacherous blow”

It showed a video clip in a forest where small fires are burning and trees appear to have been forcibly smashed.

The scene carried the comment, “A missile attack was launched on the Wagner Company camps. There are many victims here. Witnesses said that the strike
It came from behind, that is, it was carried out by the Russian Defense Ministry’s army.”

Prigozhin vowed revenge, saying, “There are 25,000 of us and we will find out why the country is in chaos.”

He said that the Russian Defense Minister would be buried on Red Square and be buried in the mausoleum with Lenin.

‘Not a military coup’

But he also added, “This is not a military coup.”

Prigozhin publicly accuses Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and senior Russian general Valery Gerasimov of incompetence.

But on Friday, he rejected for the first time Russia’s basic justifications for invading Ukraine on February 24 last year.

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