They targeted us with missiles and artillery from behind

After the declaration of the rebellion, the circle of confrontations between the forces widened Wagner Group And the Russian army to include more than one exchange of fire between the two parties.

The group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, published news confirming the death of a number of his fighters as a result of a missile strike in Rostov.

“We were bombed with helicopters and artillery.”

He added, on his official Telegram channel, on Saturday, that his fighters were attacked from the back lines, accusing the Russian Ministry of Defense of carrying it out.

He also continued that his forces did not fire a single bullet when they took control of the headquarters of the Southern Military District of Russia in the city, stressing that they were nevertheless subjected to artillery and helicopter fire on the way to Rostov.

In addition, video clips on Rostov channels on Telegram showed armed men in uniforms surrounding the building of the Ministry of Interior in the city.

The city’s governor, Vasily Golubev, called on the security forces to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the residents of the region, and asked everyone to remain calm and not leave homes unless necessary.

Observers considered the city of strategic importance, especially as it is considered one of the supply lines for the Russian forces, as it is located near the Ukrainian border.

Military mutiny

It is noteworthy that the 62-year-old Yevgeny, who sparked controversy with his fiery statements during the past months against the Russian General Staff, announced yesterday evening the military rebellion, calling on the army to overthrow its leaders.

Disputes erupted between the commander of that special Russian military group and the army commanders, many months ago, during the bloody battles that took place in Ukraine.

While the fighting in the city of Bakhmut in southern Ukraine constituted the hair that broke the camel’s back, as Yevgeny accused the Russian Defense Minister and Chief of Staff of plotting against him and betraying him, and withholding weapons from his fighters.

However, the Russian Defense Ministry often denied these accusations, without responding directly to Yevgeny, until the differences erupted dramatically since yesterday, with Prigozhin declaring a military rebellion.

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