Unspeakable horror… Former passengers of “Titan” tell of the horrors of the experience inside

A number of the submarine’s former occupants were revealed Shattered “Titan” The horrors of their past experiences with the submarine of the “Oceangate” company, the wreckage of which was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near From the wreckage of the Titanic.

The Oceangate company, which owns the submarine Titan, carried out two exploratory expeditions to the wreck of the Titanic in 2021 and 2022 before the submarine crashed on the third voyage, and also organized dozens of trips to lower depths in many areas of the oceans.

All those who have gone through the previous experiences agreed that what they went through was frightening and disturbing due to safety issues during the submarine’s previous expeditions, according to NBC News.

Ventilate irregularly

Brian Wade, 42, a photographer for the Discovery Channel, recounted his experience with Titan in March 2021, saying, “The moment we started the diving test, things started to go wrong,” adding, “The submarine began to tumble irregularly on the way to The wreck of the Titanic, and the downward propulsion system has malfunctioned.”

The man in his forties panicked because the door was closed from the outside and nothing could be done from the inside, saying, “There is a possibility that the door will not be able to be opened even when returning to the surface of the water.”

Wade refused another test a week after the first. He justified this by saying: “Everything seemed like there was no plan for anything… The purpose of the experiment was not worth such a risk.”

Death is mentioned more than once

For his part, Arthur Lubel, 61, a retired businessman and adventurer from Germany, who went on a trip to the Titanic site in 2021 with two of the passengers who lost their lives on the last ill-fated voyage, who are the CEO of “Oceangate” Stockton Rush, said, And the French adventurer Paul-Henri Nargolet said the feeling inside the submarine was like a “nightmare”.

He continued, “The passenger must be willing to sit all the time as it is not possible to stand or bend,” indicating that the company requires passengers to sign documents for exemptions from any liability in the event of any mental problems or in the event of death that was mentioned more than once in the papers, according to lobel.

I lost contact 10 times

Mike Reese, a writer and producer who worked on The Simpsons, told ABC News that he went on four 10-hour trips with Oceangate, including the Titanic, stressing that the submarine lost contact with the host ship each time.

And he continued, “When the submarine touched the ocean floor on one of the “Titan” trips, a loud noise came in the communication device, and everything stopped working … the control device, computers, and lights… At that time, we returned to the surface immediately.”

Two years later, he took another expedition to the site of the Titanic in a submarine, describing it as akin to “a car you drive off balance” controlled by a video game controller.

We miraculously survived

It is noteworthy that the Titan, which is operated by the US-based Ocean Gate Expeditions, was launched on an expedition to see the wreck of the Titanic for two hours on Sunday morning, but lost contact with the support ship after about an hour and 45 minutes, to announce on Thursday that its wreckage was found near From the site of the famous ship at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

On board were the British billionaire Himish Harding (58 years), the businessman of Pakistani origin Shahzada Dawood (48 years) and his son Suleiman (19 years), and the two were British citizens, in addition to the French explorer Paul Henri Nargolet (77 years), founder and president Ocean Jet Expeditions CEO Rush Stockton, on a trip that cost each of them $250,000 and, most importantly, their lives.

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