A new government initiative to open 5 closed roads in besieged Taiz

On Sunday, the internationally recognized Yemeni government announced a new initiative to open some roads in Taiz Governorate, which were closed by the Houthi group, as part of its siege imposed on the governorate for nearly eight years.

In a press release, the government negotiating committee to open Taiz roads presented a new initiative that included opening 5 main roads and lines.

“In denial of the Houthi allegations regarding the committee’s refusal to open roads in Taiz, we present this initiative to open some of them, which were closed by the group,” she added.

The communication indicated that the initiative includes opening 5 roads to and from the governorate, which are:

1- Sofitel Road – Al-Juhaim – Al-Safa Mosque – Zaid Al-Mushki

2- Ghee and Soap Road – Old Airport – Bir Pasha

3- Karsh Road – Al-Rahda – Al-Hawban – Al-Qasr Roundabout – Aqaba Munif

4- Al-Thakrah Junction – Al-Sittin – Al-Adain Junction – Al-Ramada Market – Al-Hawjla – Asifrah

5- Al-Hawban Road – Al-Qasr Tour – Wadi Salah – Hall.

The committee expressed its readiness to discuss coordination mechanisms to receive those arriving or departing from the city, and to form joint committees to solve any problems in the event of opening these roads.

The communication indicated that the committee held a meeting, on Saturday, to stand up to the Houthi group’s continued imposition of its siege on the city of Taiz and the closure of all roads and crossings to and from it, despite all the agreements and rounds of negotiations, which imposes on the international community and the UN envoy the need to “exercise maximum pressure on the group to dismantle it.” Its siege of the city, as it is using this as a political card to achieve gains in other files.

The government negotiating committee accused the Houthi group of intentionally humiliating the people of Taiz and taking pleasure in their suffering, believing that it would be victorious over this city and the pride of its people.

The Governmental Negotiation Committee affirmed that it is constantly presenting to the international community and the UN envoy that the siege of Taiz is a purely humanitarian issue.

The committee stressed the need to exert maximum pressure on the Houthis, who use the siege of Taiz as a political card to achieve gains in other files.

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