An American worker was pulled and torn by a jet engine on the tarmac in Texas

A worker at San Antonio International Airport, Texas, USA, was killed in the most horrific and horrific way, when he approached a plane that arrived at the airport, without realizing that one of its engines was still working, so the engine pulled him to him and tore it on the runway.

And KENS5 channel reported that emergency responders quickly rushed to the scene at 10:25 pm on Friday, according to what learned from the local TV channel’s website, but they could only contact the authorities, the most important of which is the “National Safety Council.” Transportation,” he issued a statement saying that he would collect information about the accident, to investigate it later.

The plane, belonging to the American company Delta Air Lines, had just arrived from Los Angeles, when it was approached by the worker employed by Unifi Aviation to work in support of ground handling operations, which in turn will investigate the strange accident.

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