Confident of the success of Moscow’s plans in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin told state television in his country, today, Sunday, that he is in constant contact with officials of the Ministry of Defense, adding that his country is still confident of the success of its plans related to “.the special military operationin Ukraine, adding that he gives top priority to the military operation.

Putin stressed that increasing the volume of arms production to meet the requirements of the conflict in Ukraine should not affect social obligations towards Russian citizens.

State television broadcast the comments made by Putin in an interview with Kremlin correspondent Pavel Zarubin.

The full interview will be broadcast later on Sunday.

The Russian President stressed the importance of strengthening Russia’s defense capability with a focus on economic development and fulfilling social obligations towards Russian citizens.

Putin explained in the interview that his agenda includes holding meetings, regular telephone conversations and discussions on issues related to production in the military-industrial complex. We can fulfill all our social obligations to the country, to the people, so that we can solve social problems.”

The Russian president stressed: “This is related to the medical (sector), construction, road construction and education. All of this should be in harmony … with each other, and our efforts in the field of strengthening defense capabilities should not be at the expense of the main thing, and the main thing is the basis, the basis.” is the economy.”

Russian state television also reported that President Vladimir Putin will take part in a meeting of the Russian Security Council this week.

The report, broadcast by the Russian Channel One, did not mention whether the meeting would take place on Friday as usual, or at an earlier date.

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