She hid the news of her pregnancy. Reham Hajjaj gives birth to twins

The Egyptian businessman, Mohamed Halawa, announced important news for him and his wife, the Egyptian businessman, Mohamed Halawa, after they had twins during the past hours.

Which was a big surprise to the audience, especially since the duo did not announce the news of pregnancy over the past months, and Reham Hajjaj appeared last Ramadan through her series, without the audience noticing any increase in her weight or a sign of her pregnancy.

The Egyptian businessman, the free artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, published the comics feature through his account on “Instagram”, to announce the matter.

He referred to his wife, saying, “Praise be to God for your safety, my love, and enlighten my eyes.. Praise be to God, and God willing.. Our Lord provided us… Jamila Muhammad Halawa.. and Youssef Muhammad Halawa.”

Reham Hajjaj did not talk about the matter, and contented herself with re-publishing the blessings she had received, as well as announcing her husband through the comics feature on “Instagram”.

What is remarkable, however, is the duo’s choice of the name “Jamila” in order to give it the name of their daughter, which was the name of the series Reham Hajjaj, which was shown last Ramadan.

The surprise that the audience received came because they did not know the matter, and the Egyptian artist did not publish any new pictures of her during the last period, especially since the presentation of her last series, which contributed to concealing the news of her pregnancy from everyone.

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