The first comment from China on the Wagner Rebellion in Russia

China confirmed, on Sunday, that it supports Russia in “protecting national stability”, in Beijing’s first official comment on the short-term armed uprising launched by Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group.

A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China, as a “friendly neighbor and partner in a new era of comprehensive strategic cooperation, supports Russia in safeguarding national stability and achieving development and prosperity.”

The statement stressed that Beijing considers the issue to be a Russian “internal matter”.

On the American side, take it US Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenOn Sunday, the rebellion of the leader of the Wagner Group, which was thwarted, reveals the existence of “real cracks” in the level of authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Blinken confirmed in statements to the American CBS network that Wagner’s leader’s rebellion “posed a direct challenge to Putin’s authority.”

He continued, “This matter raises major questions, and shows the existence of real cracks,” noting that the unrest in Russia could continue for months.

He added, “It is too early to talk about the future of Wagner elements… We have not yet seen the final chapter of the story,” noting that US President Joe Biden did not try to communicate with Putin.

From Friday evening to Saturday evening, the men of the founder of the Wagner Group, an old ally of Russian President Putin, set off towards Moscow in a move during which they took control of a number of military facilities in southern Russia.

However, Prigozhin and the Kremlin announced the end of the rebellion, on Saturday evening, and Wagner’s forces began to withdraw gradually, but the situation is still unstable.

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