Because of the time of filming.. All employees of an Egyptian film were referred for investigation

The Egyptian Actors Syndicate took a decision to refer the workers in a film to investigation, because they exceeded the time allowed for filming during one of the days.

The syndicate announced that it had referred all workers in the film “The First Year of Kidnapping” to investigation, as well as preventing dealing with the production company because of its violation of the syndicate’s decisions by filming scenes for the movie for a continuous 24-hour period without rest.

The Syndicate of Representative Professions published its decision on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, denouncing the continuation of the filming process for 24 consecutive hours, which is a violation of the regulations approved by the Syndicate regarding the work of actors.

The film co-stars Bayoumi Fouad, Mai Kassab and Ahmed Fathi. It was written by Basil Magdy, directed by Osama Omar, and produced by Frames.

The union’s decision coincides with May Kassab’s announcement of the end of filming, as she posted on her Instagram account a set of behind-the-scenes photos of the work, and commented on them to confirm that the film’s filming had ended, noting that it will soon be shown in theaters.

The film takes place in a social comic framework, as it deals with many family issues, most notably the preoccupation of parents with their children, which is dealt with by a gang that enjoys stupidity, and fails in all its operations, so the gang decides to kidnap a group of children from wealthy families, which is what Creates many comical situations.

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