It is permissible for the 9 months.. The first comment from an Egyptian pilot who piloted a plane that took his mother to Hajj

In the first comment of the Egyptian pilot, who surprised his mother by flying a plane that took her to perform the rituals of Hajj, and documented this in a video that won the admiration of many and reaped millions of views, he revealed the details of the incident and how he arranged and arranged to document that moment.

Abdullah Muhammad Bahi, the owner of the video, narrated the story to He said that he works as a co-pilot in EgyptAir, and he wanted to surprise his mother that he would fly the plane that would take her to perform the rituals of Hajj, and he arranged for that in coordination with his colleagues without telling her, adding that he went out with His mother came from home to pick her up, dressed in the official flight uniform, and told her that he would deliver her to the airport, and then he would be on the crew of the EgyptAir flight to Kuwait.

He added that his mother believed this story and was convinced of it, and was surprised the moment she boarded the plane bound for the Holy Land that he was among the crew, and that he was receiving her at the boarding door, and this was what was shown in the video that was filmed by one of his colleagues.

Abdullah, who is 31 years old, said that his mother was happy with that gesture and proud of her son, and at that time he informed her of the surprise he had arranged for her to make her happy and took pictures with her. .

And Abdullah continues that he posted the video on his Instagram page, and although the number of his followers is small, he was surprised by the popularity of the video, its heavy spread, and the successive calls to him from his relatives, acquaintances, family, and friends, stressing that he was on a trip to Amsterdam and after his return, and as soon as he opened his phone, calls came to him to inform him of the great interaction he had. to the video.

Abdullah says that he graduated from the College of Aviation in 2012, and worked in EgyptAir in 2022, where he waited 10 years to fulfill his dream of working as a pilot and fulfilled his second dream and his mother’s dream to take her on a trip with him, adding that over the past ten years he worked in different professions until he was completed. Accepting a job in his specialty at EgyptAir

And about the comments he liked about the video, he said, of course, the most prominent comment was that it is permissible in it for the 9 months, in relation to and referring to the period of his mother’s pregnancy in it, and he also liked other comments such as, God willing, and “If I were in your place, I would make it available by plane.”

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