The dismissal of 3 senior officers and the prosecution of 102 people over the unrest

Pakistan’s military said on Monday that more than 100 people are being tried by military courts over civil unrest that erupted after the arrest of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Last month, three of his officers were dismissed.

The military spokesman, Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry, said that 102 of those he described as “villains” are being tried before military courts “in connection with these cases.”

and broke out Following Khan’s arrest on charges of corruption before the Islamabad Court Supreme Court on May 9, bloody street violence in which thousands of his followers set fire to military buildings, and clashed with police in several cities.

Chaudhry said that three officers, one of whom was a general, were sacked after “They fail to maintain integrity and the inviolability of army property during unrest.

He said that “strict disciplinary action” had been taken against 15 other people, including three major generals and seven major generals.

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