Monthly subscription for virtual reality glasses. Meta announces the price

Meta announced the launch of the Quest + monthly subscription service for its virtual reality glasses.

$7.99 per month

Yesterday, Monday, Meta Quest Plus CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, via an Instagram broadcast, that the “Meta Quest Plus” subscription will be available, starting Monday, at a price of $ 7.99 per month, or $ 59.99 per year.

It is noteworthy that the “Quest Plus” service is currently available to users of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro glasses, while it will soon be available to users of the latest Quest 3 virtual reality glasses.

Quest 3

And in early June, Zuckerberg unveiled the new Quest 3 virtual reality and mixed reality glasses, which comes as a successor to the Quest 2 glasses.

Apple compete

This comes as the American technology giant “Apple” seeks to break into this market, to compete with “Meta” and other companies, as it recently announced its Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, which costs $ 3,499.

However, the price of Apple glasses is three times the price of the most expensive glasses from Meta.

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