Prigozhin will not stay in Belarus

There are many details that are still vague or kept secret about what happened last Saturday in Russia, when it was launched Wagner Commander Yevgeny Prigozhin Suddenly, his military mutiny.

But informed sources revealed that officials US intelligence They were able to gather a very detailed and accurate picture of the plans of President Wagner, and this information was shared with some selected allies, a select number of senior US administration officials, and only 8 members of Congress.

160 km from Moscow

Among that information, according to the US intelligence assessment, is that Prigozhin rebelled against Moscow after his influence with the Kremlin declined.

She also added that Wagner’s forces had reached 160 km from the Russian capital, Moscow, and not 200 km, as it was known at the time, according to the “ABC” network.

She thought that Prigozhin and his group would not stay long in Belarus.

The intelligence also assessed that the Wagner commander had accepted to go to Belarus after being besieged by the Russian army.

A sudden and short adventure

It is noteworthy that the commander of Wagner announced last Saturday that his forces had suddenly entered Russian territory and headed towards the capital, Moscow, announcing his refusal to retreat or surrender.

However, after nearly 24 hours, Belarus entered the mediation line between Prigozhin and Moscow. That sudden and short adventure ended with Wagner’s leader being “exiled” to Belarusian territory. And let him announce from there that his goal was not to overthrow the Russian government or the rule of President Vladimir Putin, but rather to protect the Wagner Group.

While Putin gave the Wagner operatives the option of either leaving for Belarus, joining the Russian forces, or returning to their homes, in remarks he delivered on Monday evening.

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