The departure to Muzdalifah begins.. The pilgrims take the longest pedestrian path in the world

The pilgrims of the Sacred House of God, after sunset on this day, bid farewell to the pure hair of Arafat, to continue their journey of faith to The holy shrine of God “Muzdalifah”, to embody the scene of the exodus and the millions of crowds walking the pedestrian paths that were covered with the whites of the sacred rituals in the third stop in the Hajj journey.

The pedestrian roads in the holy sites extending from the Mount of Mercy area with the hair of Arafat to the hair of Mina, passing through Muzdalifah, with a length of 25 km, are considered the longest pedestrian path in the world, and annually during the Hajj season, the largest human traffic in the world is witnessed, and along the length of the corridor, water mist pumping points are distributed to mitigate weather, and reduce heat.


Muzdalifah is considered the third of the sacred sites that the pilgrims pass through on a journey of faith in which they perform the rituals of Hajj, as it is located between the two sites of Mina and Arafat, and the pilgrims sleep there after their departure from Arafat. The pilgrims will stay there until the morning of the next day, Eid al-Adha, and then overflow to Mina.

needed with her daughter

needed with her daughter

The mosque is located in Muzdalifah, in the middle of the distance between the Nimra Mosque in Arafat and the Al-Khaif Mosque in Mina.

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