The number of pilgrims this year is 1.8 million pilgrims from 150 countries

The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, announced today, Tuesday, that The number of pilgrims It reached 1,845,045 people, from more than 150 countries.

He also revealed, during the press conference held today, the success of the plan to ascend the pilgrims to Arafat’s shrine, and the completion of their arrival at exactly ten o’clock this morning, as the compliance rate in the convoying process reached 98%.

Minister Al-Rabeeah stressed the early preparations for this year’s Hajj, through the establishment of a center to manage all tasks and projects in complementarity and coordination with all government sectors.

smart card

With regard to the use of smart technologies, we have developed and expanded the services of the smart card for the pilgrim, through which the pilgrims can access their locations within the shrines, and we have also cooperated with companies specialized in maps to ensure that the sites of the campaigns are reflected on the electronic systems.

Pilgrims at Arafat

It is noteworthy that the General Authority for Statistics announced that the number of pilgrims coming from outside Saudi Arabia and coming from Arab countries amounted to (346,214) with a rate of (21%). Pilgrims from African countries, excluding Arab countries, reached (221,863), or (13.4%), while the number of pilgrims from Europe, America, Australia, and other unclassified countries reached (36,521), or (2.1%).

As for the methods of arrival of pilgrims from outside the Kingdom, (1,593,271) pilgrims arrived through air ports, while (60,813) pilgrims arrived through land ports, while (6,831) pilgrims arrived through sea ports.

The authority indicated that the number of countries benefiting from the Makkah Road initiative reached 7 countries, and the number of beneficiaries from this initiative reached (242,272) male and female pilgrims. their immediate residence.

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