Use umbrellas and drink fluids

Today, Tuesday, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health called on Diouf Al-Rahman during Performing Hajj ritualsAdhering to preventive measures against sunstroke by using umbrellas, drinking fluids, and avoiding stress by taking a break from time to time, revealing that several cases of pilgrims who were subjected to heat exhaustion or heat shock had been received.

Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali said in an interview with Al-Arabiya, “There are meteorological alerts and health warnings related to high temperature, which leads to thermal shock,” noting that caution and prevention is of high importance.

He continued, “The pilgrims in Arafah’s hair are with conditions of weather factors that increase the chance of heat exhaustion due to movement and heat.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said, “In addition to the high temperature, there are rays emitted from the sun, which record high and severe levels of up to 12, while the normal level is 3, according to the World Health Organization.”

He also added, “The level of radiation emitted from the sun is four times the normal rates, and therefore umbrellas should be used, plenty of fluids should be taken, and rest from time to time.”

In addition, Al-Abd Al-Aali indicated that between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, this is the peak of the heat, and therefore it is necessary to protect from the sun’s rays.

Al-Abd Al-Aali explained that 13 cases of heat exhaustion were received in Arafa, 3 of whom suffer from heat shock, indicating that heat shock is an alarming and emergency disease that may lead to life.

From Hajj – SPA

Arafat level

The pilgrims of the Sacred House of God, with the sunrise of the morning of Tuesday, the ninth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, began heading to the pure level of Arafat, filled with an atmosphere of faith that was submerged in reverence and tranquility.

The convoys of the guests of Rahman were accompanied to the holy shrine of Arafat, direct security follow-up carried out by the personnel of the various security sectors that surrounded the vehicle roads and pedestrian paths to organize them according to the plans for escalation and grouping of the pilgrims, in addition to guiding them and ensuring the necessary safety for them.

And with full readiness for the various government sectors working in the service of pilgrims, it provided medical, first aid and catering services in various parts of Al-Mish’ar and what is needed by the guests of Rahman who crossed distances and endured hardship from all over the world. To perform the fifth pillar of Islam, praising the Most High, the Almighty, for what He has guided them to.

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