We will follow the Wagner Group everywhere

Today, Tuesday, the United States announced new measures against… Russian private military group Wagner in Africa to hold it accountable for its destructive activities there.

“We will pursue the Wagner Group everywhere,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters.

He also added, “The prosecution of Wagner is not linked to the rebellion in Russia – which was ended by Belarus – but rather to its activities in Ukraine and Africa.”

Arrived in Belarus

He was the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko He brokered a deal between the Kremlin and Wagner hours after the rebellion was announced on Saturday, with the approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin. To announce today that the commander of the Special Military Group has arrived in Minsk, and that he and some of his troops will be welcome to stay in Belarus “for some time” at their own expense.

He also said, “I gave my consent to the Ministry of Defense to enter into negotiations with Wagner about its future.”

It is noteworthy that this group, which was founded by Yevgeny Prigozhin about 10 years ago, and participated in 2014 in the battles that took place in Donbass, eastern Ukraine and Crimea, includes approximately 25,000 fighters, most of whom are mercenaries or convicted of criminal offenses, according to Western intelligence reports.

While others estimate the number of its elements at 50 thousand, different estimates suggest that the number is less.

Its members are also deployed in dozens of African countries, including Mali and the Central African Republic, as well as Sudan and Libya. It participates in sharing some important interests or exploration sectors in some of those countries, especially the diamond trade and gold extraction.

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