A video sparked anger against the police in France. They blew up a teenager’s head and denied it

Thousands of posts were collected in a few hours by scenes of the French police attempting to arrest a 17-year-old in Nanterre, west of the capital, Paris.

However, the teenager tried to complete his way in a yellow delivery car he was driving, and one of the police officers threatened him, saying: “I will empty bullets in your head.”

But the young delivery man refused to obey, so the policeman only shot him in the head.

I tried to disavow

What led to the death of the young man later, igniting a wave of anger in a number of French regions, especially in Paris, where riots broke out throughout the capital at night.

The spread of footage of what was described as execution by a number of activists on social media led to more anger, especially since the police initially tried to claim that they fired only after the driver hit them with his car.

However, the video showed the exact opposite, and showed that the police officers were previously pointing their guns at the young man’s head through the car window.

This prompted a number of angry young men to take to the streets in Paris, set fire to rubbish dumps, and throw fireworks at police officers.

Riots in Paris (Reuters)

They also set a number of cars and buildings on fire.

Anger then seeped into other suburbs, though the policeman who shot the boy was arrested.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin appealed to protesters to remain calm, urging people to “respect the family’s grief and assume the police are innocent” at the same time.

Later, it turned out that the young man was called “Nael M”, of Algerian origin, and he works as a delivery driver for a restaurant, according to local media.

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