Bombing, ethnic violence and rape… Violations of the Eid truce in Sudan

Today, Wednesday, the United Nations Mission in Sudan accused the army and the Rapid Support Forces of committing various violations during the Eid al-Adha truce.

Violent crimes and rape

The mission held the Rapid Support Forces and its allied militias responsible for crimes of violence and rape, as well as for the ethnic-based violence in Darfur.

It accused the Sudanese army of being responsible for the attacks in populated areas and the aerial bombardment of civilians.

Eid truce

Hours after the Sudanese army declared a truce, warplanes flew and intermittent gunfire from heavy weapons was heard today (Wednesday) in the capital Khartoum and south of Omdurman, on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

The warplanes carried out air strikes on separate targets in Khartoum, in conjunction with hearing the sound of ground anti-aircraft missiles, without revealing the nature of these targets.

Hudn did not hold

Fighting between the army and the RSF suddenly broke out in mid-April as the military and civilian sides were putting the finishing touches on an internationally backed political process. That process was supposed to end with elections within two years.

However, the two sides had disagreed about plans to integrate the Rapid Support Forces into the army, and the conflict erupted later.

While several regional, Arab and African initiatives have not succeeded so far in launching a direct dialogue between the leaders of the two conflicting military forces, just as dozens of truces have failed to continue and endure.

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