Days after the “Titan” incident, announcing the death of an actor in the movie “Titanic”

Less than a week later The Titan submarine disaster On board were five people who went on an expedition to see the wreck of the Titanic, the name of the famous ship returned to the fore again, but this time through the announcement of the death of Lew Palter, who participated in the movie “Titanic” in 1997.

Le Balter died at his home in Los Angeles after a struggle with lung cancer at the age of 94, on May 21, but his death was not officially announced until yesterday, Tuesday, June 27.

Lou’s daughter, Katherine Baltter, officially confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter. But she had announced the news of his death last month on her Instagram page. It seems that no one paid attention to this news at the time because her account is unknown and only 2,500 people follow her.

But the announcement of the death was issued on communication sites and American newspapers, especially since it came after the ill-fated Titan submarine incident that occupied global public opinion over the past days, and it was announced that the site of its wreckage was discovered near the Titanic on June 22.

His role in Titanic

Le Balter played in the movie Titanic the role of businessman Isidor Strauss, who died with his wife, Isidor while he was Great-grandfather of the wife of CEO of “Ocean Gate” Stockton Rush, Wendy Rushwho died aboard the submarine Titan.

In addition to the famous movie, Balter participated in a number of television and cinematic works since the beginning of his career in the world of acting in 1967. The common factor among most of his works was the role of the judge, as he embodied this role in more than one work, including “First Monday.” In October, The Flying Nun, LA Law, Hill Street Blues and many others.

The late actor retired from television and cinema after his role in Titanic, but continued in the field through education and training, as he worked as a coach, professor and director at the CalArts Theater School from 1971 until his final retirement in 2013.

Balter bid farewell to his wife, film producer Nancy Futter, in November 2020, who died at the age of 64, and they have one daughter, Catherine, who revealed his death on May 23, through a lengthy post that she shared on her Instagram page.

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