Did Tamer Hosni take advantage of celebrities to promote his movie?..Tik Toker exposes

It seems that the surprise brought by Tamer Hosni’s new movie was not prepared as expected by the audience, as the new work has been in turmoil since its announcement video spread.

The Egyptian Tik Toker, Farah Haridy, who appeared in the advertisement for the movie “Taj”, starring Tamer Hosni, and shown with the first days of Eid Al-Adha, exploded a surprise that filled the artistic community.


And she published a video via “Tik Tok”, in which she confirms that she appeared as “Compars” in Tamer Hosni’s new movie, but the strange thing is that the matter happened without her knowing about it and who appeared in the scene.

And the Egyptian TikTok revealed that she had received a call telling her that Tamer Hosni is filming a new movie, and wants to present content with the famous TikTok celebrities, in exchange for filming video clips with the artist and publishing them through their accounts, which prompted them to agree to the offer, although the company told them that the matter would be free of charge. material.

She also explained that they told her that only 15 people would be present that day, until she was surprised that everything she was told was not true, as they found many people there.

2 hours for a photo

And she added that they were not aware of their appearance in the film, but rather asked them to prepare for filming a video clip, and then they were surprised that it was for the film.

She also revealed that they spent two hours filming that scene, then a person came to them and told them that Tamer Hosni was coming, but it only took minutes, and he asked them to take pictures with the star only without shooting video clips.

So each of them took a picture with Tamer Hosni and ended the day, which makes her confirm that she appeared as “Extras” in the film, but she did not know that, to send a message to those in charge of the work and assure them that most of those who appeared in the scene were not satisfied with what happened.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian TikTokr sparked widespread controversy in artistic circles and on social media, amid demands for a clear response from the producing company in the event of denial, or justification for the matter in the event of its occurrence.

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