Modest results for its counter-attack.. and Kiev responds, “The coming is greater”

While a number of US officials played down its effectiveness counterattack Launched by Ukraine last month to fend off Russian forcesKiev replied, saying that “the most important thing is yet to come.”

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, confirmed that the most important events of the counter-attack had not yet taken place.

He also made it clear that his country did not announce its real progress to prevent the exposure of the armed forces.

We haven’t used the reserve yet

In addition, he stressed, in an interview with the Financial Times, today, Wednesday, that the Ministry of Defense has not yet used the main troop reserve in the attack. He said that “the reserves of the main forces, including most of the brigades that have recently trained in the West and are equipped with modern NATO tanks and armored vehicles, have not yet been used in the operation.”

He also noted that “the villages under Russian occupation in recent weeks were not the main event in the offensive planned since last spring.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov (AP)

At the same time, US officials suggested that Kiev would achieve modest results in this counterattack.

They also considered that the Ukrainian attack would turn into a process that would take a long time.

It is noteworthy that several Ukrainian officials had previously announced that the counterattack would take time, stressing at the same time that they were proceeding with it to liberate the Ukrainian lands occupied by Russia in the east and south of the country.

While many Western allies allied to Kiev estimated that the war that broke out between the two sides in February of last year (2022) would last for many months after!

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