Putin is losing the war in Iraq

US President Joe Biden committed new slip of the tongue, Today wednesday, he talks about His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin And the recent events that struck Prussia, following the rebellion of the leader of the Wagner Group.

He told reporters from the White House before heading to Chicago, in response to a question: To what extent have recent events weakened Vladimir Putin? The response came as follows: “It is clear that Putin is losing the war in Iraq.”

He also continued, “He is losing the war in his homeland… He has become a little outcast around the world…”, adding, “It is not related to NATO, the European Union, or Japan…”.

This position is not Biden’s first regarding the Russian-Ukrainian events. Last November, the US president made a mistake when he spoke about the recent Russian moves in Ukraine.

He said in a previous clip, commenting on the developments in the strategic city of Kherson in southern Ukraine: “I think the context is whether they will withdraw from Fallujah (an Iraqi city) or not… or I mean, from… (to which one of the attendees responded by saying Kherson).” .

The president has been exposed to many embarrassing situations in the past, such as forgetting some names of officials and cities, making protocol errors, or slipping the tongue when talking to leaders from around the world.

Looking forward to a new term

It is noteworthy that Biden celebrated his 80th birthday last November 20 (2022), and he will be 82 at the beginning of his second term if he runs and wins it, and 86 at the end of it, which is a very sensitive issue in his Democratic camp.

Only a third of American citizens believe that the current president deserves re-election in 2024, while the rest prefer to see someone else in office, according to a poll published by CNN last April.

As a March poll showed, Biden’s overall approval rating as head of state fell to 42% from 45% in January.

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