Algeria expresses its shock at the killing of the boy Nael, shot by a French policeman

On Thursday, Algeria expressed its “shock” at the “brutal” killing he was subjected to The boy, Nael Near Paris, on Tuesday, was shot by a police officer, noting that he was one of its citizens.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad learned with shock and resentment of the brutal and tragic death of young Nael and the remarkably worrisome circumstances surrounding the death,” a statement from the Algerian Foreign Ministry said.

The statement added, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is confident that the French government will fully carry out its duty to protect, based on its keenness on the calm and security that our citizens should enjoy in the receiving country in which they reside.”

So far, it has not been indicated that the 17-year-old, Nael, is Algerian or of Algerian origin.

The statement concluded, “The Algerian government is still following with great interest the developments of this tragic case, with constant keenness to stand by the members of its national community in times of adversity and tribulation.”

The young man, Nael M., was killed. In Nanterre, Tuesday, from close range during a traffic check. The police justified the fact that the young man was driving too fast “in the bus lane” and refused to stop at a red light, according to the public prosecutor.

On Thursday, the Public Prosecution Office charged the policeman with premeditated murder, who fired the gun, and placed him in precautionary arrest, saying that “the legal conditions for using weapons were not met.”

On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his “affectedness” following the boy’s death, while the government called for “calm” after a night of tension in the Paris suburbs that lasted until Thursday.

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