Eid destroyed his joy by the earthquake.. A picture of a Turkish father next to the grave of his daughters grieves the communication

“Eid, by any means, you are back, Eid.” There is no doubt that these words perfectly apply to this bereaved Turkish father.

Eid al-Adha has passed for this grieving father without his family, which he had already lost devastating earthquake Who hit his country last February.

Social media was preoccupied with his sad image, in which he appeared crying at the grave of his four daughters, who died in the disaster.

Next to the graves, pictures of the girls were raised, while the father sat weeping for his liver with tears filling his eyes, and weeping for what had happened to him.

Massive destruction

It is noteworthy that the devastating earthquake that struck large areas of Syria and Turkey on February 6 of this year left thousands dead and injured, and forced the residents of southern and central Turkey to move from their homes to other regions, which led to their dispersal.

The Turkish president estimated his country’s material losses as a result of the earthquake at “about 104 billion dollars” (97 billion euros), in addition to massive damage to the infrastructure.

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