Ended with 24 hours.. Putin comments on Wagner’s rebellion

Days after the end of the rebellion Yevgeny Prigozhny, leader of Wagner Which was spent 24 hours and ended with mediation that led to his exile to Belarus, Russian President Vladimir Putin finally commented.

The master of the Kremlin emphasized that he had no doubts about the support of the Russian people for the authorities in connection with the armed rebellion.

Several options

This came in a meeting with the President of the Republic of Dagestan, Sergey Melikhov, who stressed that there is not a single person in his country who does not support the decisions of the Russian leadership, which were taken on June 24 this year, in reference to the authorities’ move last Saturday in response to the rebellion. Wagner.

This also came after the Russian president left several options for the trained Wagner forces, whether to withdraw to Belarus, which received the exiled “Prigozhin”, or to sign with the Russian Ministry of Defense and work under the command of the army.

A sudden and short adventure

It is noteworthy that the commander of Wagner announced last Saturday that his forces had suddenly entered Russian territory and headed towards the capital, Moscow, announcing his refusal to retreat or surrender.

However, after nearly 24 hours, Belarus entered the mediation line between Prigozhin and Moscow. That sudden and short adventure ended with Wagner’s leader being “exiled” to Belarusian territory.

And let him announce from there that his goal was not to overthrow the Russian government or the rule of President Vladimir Putin, but rather to protect the Wagner Group.

While Putin gave the Wagner operatives the option to either leave for Belarus, join the Russian forces, or return to their homes.

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