Mysterious fires devour the homes of an Egyptian village.. and there is no explanation yet

An Egyptian village witnessed a strange phenomenon, represented by the outbreak of suspicious and mysterious fires that devoured the village’s homes and food crops for a full 10 days, and the concerned authorities were unable to know the reason until now.

The people of the village of Zarabi Barkhel, which is affiliated with the city of Al-Balina in Sohag Governorate, southern Egypt, live in a state of fear and panic because of the fires that started with the outbreak of fire in one of the houses and then spread to the neighboring houses, causing heavy losses to the residents who are now residing outside their homes.

One of the affected residents of the village says that the fire starts to ignite from the rooftops of the houses and then moves to the rest of the floors until it reaches the first, adding that they are sometimes surprised by the fires that come out from the places attached to the house that are designated for raising livestock and storing grain.

A resident of the village confirmed that the fire spread to some fields and devoured some of the crops. It also caused the burning of “electrical appliances and quantities of grain, and the death of a number of livestock and birds.” He added that the residents do not know the cause of these fires.

The interesting thing, according to the residents, is that the damaged houses are discovered by their owners that the fires have renewed in them again, and the tongues of fire devour new places in the house that the fire did not reach the first time.

The residents called on the government to intervene and try to control the situation, which had become tragic, especially since they left their homes and some of them now reside in the streets and fields to escape from the fires.

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