The Chinese airship used American spy technology

The American Wall Street Journal reported, Thursday, quoting the results of a preliminary investigation, that The Chinese spy balloon that passed over the United States earlier this year He used American technology that helped him collect audio and visual information.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting US officials, said that an analysis conducted by several US defense and intelligence agencies concluded that the airship carried US devices available on the market, as well as specialized Chinese sensors and other equipment to take photos and videos and collect other information and transfer them to China.

The report added that the results support the view that the balloon was intended for espionage, not weather observation, as China claimed.

But the Wall Street Journal said the balloon apparently did not send any data to China from its eight-day voyage, in which it passed over Alaska, Canada and some other US border states.

The White House and the FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In February, the United States shot down the blimp, which was flying over sensitive military sites, sparking a diplomatic crisis.

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