The most famous Tik Toker in the world in Egypt.. Details of a visit that garnered millions of views

To promote Egyptian tourism and publicize archaeological sites in Egypt, the United Media Services Company invited the famous German Tik Toker, Noel Robinson, to visit the country.

The trip sparked widespread reactions, while the blogger published the details of the trip on his pages on the communication sites, which are followed by about 40 million followers, which had a great positive impact with which his followers interacted with him.

During his trip to Egypt, while he was on the plane, the German blogger presented his famous dance performances. He also continued his performances upon his arrival in Egypt, moving between its cities to visit its monuments and presenting his famous dances to the tune of Egyptian popular songs.

The German Tik Toker visited the famous Al Moez Tourist Street, west of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and presented his dancing movements with street visitors and shop owners there. He also took a set of photos while he was in a famous restaurant, and appeared in one of the video clips trying to speak Arabic and expressing his admiration for Egyptian food.

Noel Robinson also visited the pyramids and the Sphinx, and children in the streets and squares participated in his famous dances, which found resonance and interaction with the Egyptians.

Noel visited the city of Aswan and inspected a number of tourist and archaeological areas in it, with the aim of stimulating tourism and taking a number of memorial videos in his own way.

Robinson performed his famous dance inside the walls of the Philae Temple in the city, accompanied by visitors to the temple.

Robinson also performed his famous dance accompanied by Nubian children on the banks of the Nile in Aswan, and the children responded to him.

It is noteworthy that Robinson is 26 years old, and he is one of the most famous stars of Tik Tok and is famous for his dance videos and his huge D-curl haircut.

Robinson’s visit, which ended on Wednesday, won widespread admiration from the Egyptians, who considered it influential in promoting tourism in Egypt, especially since the videos of his visit to all archaeological sites were very popular and widely spread around the world.

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