Menna Shalaby, on the movie “The Magician”: I was a disaster and my acting was bad

It seems that the film, which represented the first artistic breakthrough of the Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby, was not up to her ambitions and she did not feel satisfied with the representation she presented in its events.

The movie “The Magician”, which was presented by the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz 21 years ago, and witnessed the first artistic appearance of Menna Shalaby, who had different scenes, narrated by the Egyptian artist in a television interview.

Where she confirmed that she caused torment to all those who were on the set, especially since she was not good at acting, and described her acting, saying, “It was like pitch.”

And Menna Shalaby continued her speech, confirming that she was standing in front of the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz without speaking, and she was saying the dialogue about the scene in her secret, and she stumbled into talking a lot, and she was also moving wrongly inside the photography location.

Menna Shalaby also mocked her weight in the film, noting that at that time she loved food very much, and was overweight, but she followed a diet and lost a lot of weight, so she was chosen to present the film.

But then she gained weight again, which prompted the film’s director, Radwan Al-Kashef, to comment on the matter, saying, “Is it me with pictures of an elephant or what?”, Which was what prompted her to cry because of this comment.

Menna Shalaby expressed her surprise at the size of the role that was assigned to her, which made her constantly ask the director behind the scenes, saying, “You are sure that I am playing the role of Nour?”

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