Pink WhatsApp.. A fake malicious application that penetrates the accounts of Android users

A fake version of the WhatsApp application called “Pink WhatsApp” is currently spreading among Android users, and it contains malware, according to what was revealed by the Cybersecurity Police in the Indian city of Mumbai.

The fake “WhatsApp Pink” application has spread by promoting it on the original application through messages claiming that it is a new version of the famous application with a different design, with a link to download from suspicious sites, not the Google Play Store.

According to the tweets published by the Mumbai Police via Twitter, the application is only a modified version of WhatsApp in which the interface appears in pink, unlike the traditional form of the application in Android, and it also displays annoying ads when using it.

In the background, the fake app installs malware on the victim’s device that will allow hackers to access personal data and sensitive information such as photos, messages, and contacts.

The malicious application follows a well-known strategy to spread and target more users by sending attractive messages with a download link to the contacts on the victim’s device in order to urge them to download the application, thus targeting more victims again.

In order to protect against such applications, it is advised not to download any applications or updates on Android devices except from the official Google Play Store.

It is noteworthy that the Meta company, owner of the WhatsApp application, always stresses the need to avoid using unofficial WhatsApp applications, which are applications that are widespread among Android users, and the company describes them as “fake applications for WhatsApp developed by third parties,” indicating that it does not support these applications due to lack of security practices. that you track.

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