Watch.. Biden leaves a TV interview before it ends and cuts off the broadcast

Strange behavior by US President Joe Biden during his interview with MSNBC, where he decided to get up from his seat before it ended and cut off the broadcast.

And the footage on the live broadcast shows his strange behavior at the end of the interview, which lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Anchor Nicole Wallace ended the meeting with a closing sentence while Biden was walking around behind her in the photo studio.

“Don’t go away,” the MSNBC anchor told viewers as Biden walked right behind her.

The TV guest usually waits until the broadcast is cut off, before leaving his seat, but Biden left as soon as the questions ended in a hurry.

The video, which spread on social media, sparked a wave of ridicule among Americans, as Scott Walker, the former Republican governor of Wisconsin, said in a tweet in which he shared the video: “Biden’s presidency is embodied in this clip.”

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