After the extravagant wedding ceremony.. “Gold” gifts are the most prominent marriage rites in Türkiye

A Turkish wedding ceremony sparked a lot of controversy this week due to the large financial expenditure. The bride received 4 kilograms of gold, while the groom received 6 million Turkish liras (equivalent to more than 230 thousand US dollars). Is this spending considered normal in Turkey? Weddings in Turkey? Is it considered one of the marriage ceremonies whose rituals differ from one state to another due to the multiplicity of nationalities, sects and sects?

According to a Turkish academic and researcher, presenting jewelry is a natural and common matter in all Turkish weddings and in all regions of the country, where the bride and groom are given some gifts such as gold, money, and other precious gifts, as happened in the Turkish wedding ceremony that took place a few days ago and sparked controversy. Large, given the amount of gold that the bride had and the money that was given to the groom.

Mustafa Kemal Goşkun, a former associate professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Ankara, told Al, “The bride and groom’s relatives in most weddings give them gifts, which are very modest, meaning that they usually cover the costs of the wedding at the most.” Pointing out that “what happened a few days ago is a rare case that we only encounter in tribal weddings, which are common in southeastern Anatolia, or in weddings of the rich bourgeoisie or the Islamic bourgeoisie.

He added that “weddings in which large quantities of gold and money are presented can be found among those who belong to the secular and Islamic bourgeoisie and among some tribes, and in return for this condition, the poor feel the shame of not being rich, and they may accumulate great anger and resentment against the rich bourgeoisie, and we hope One day this anger will explode.

In Turkey, which transcends races and religions, wedding rituals are almost similar for all groups of society, but they differ in matters related to the dowry and the provision of food and its quantities.

In various regions of the country, gold is purchased for the bride in advance, and gold jewelry is presented to her later as gifts by her relatives.

In a number of Turkish regions, the bride’s family requires presenting gifts to her relatives, such as her sisters, aunts, and aunts, and others.

Until now, the majority of the population in Turkey asks the groom’s family to pay the dowry, which is often – after agreement on it – a sum of money, and they also ask for a quantity of gold.

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