Pictures of the engagement of Adel Imam’s grandson…and a rare appearance of the comedy leader’s daughter

Adel Rami Imam, the grandson of the great Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, and the son of director Rami Imam, celebrated his engagement to a girl outside the artistic community.

And Adel Rami celebrated his engagement to the girl Farida Ashraf, who works as a fitness trainer, in a simple family party that was limited to the relatives of the newlyweds, and Sarah Adel Imam, the daughter of the comedy leader, who appears only rarely, appeared.

Adel Rami Imam had celebrated his graduation this year at the American University, where he studied in the directing department, and had previously directed a film as part of his studies.

The great artist, Adel Imam, celebrated his 83rd birthday on May 17.

And Adel Suleiman, the director of the great artist, published pictures of the comedian during the celebration that was held at his home, accompanied by his family and very few close ones.

Adel Suleiman confirmed that the photos were taken at the leader’s birthday celebration.

It is reported that 3 years have passed since Adel Imam’s last artistic appearance, when he presented the series “Valentino”. After that, he disappeared from the artistic scene, amid rumors haunting him about his health and talk about the difficulty of presenting new works. However, his brother Issam Imam always denies such news, stressing that the leader will return again to the artistic scene, through a work that he will attend with his son Muhammad Adel Imam.

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