She earns $7,000 an hour. There is a lot of buzz about the content of the Tunisian blogger, Doha Al-Araibi

Tunisian blogger Duha Al-Araibi, who has nearly 12 million followers on TikTok, has caused a stir on Instagram, with 2.2 million followers, due to her statements about her financial gains from her content.

Duha Al-Araibi is one of the most famous content creators on social media, as her broadcasts are watched by millions of users on various social networking sites in the Arab world.

The blogger, who resides in the Kingdom of Jordan, has previously sparked widespread controversy regarding the financial returns she receives for her appearance on social media.

In a previous interview, Douha revealed that she receives 20 million Tunisian dinars (6,500 US dollars) within one hour of appearing on TikTok.

These statements sparked controversy among the followers, and their comments did not go beyond criticism and attack.

The Tunisian influencer is 24 years old, and she is the wife of the Jordanian content creator, Nour Muhammad, famous for “Mix”.

According to what she said in previous statements, Duha’s educational career stopped after obtaining her preparatory certificate.

In recent hours, Duha has published a number of video clips via the “Instagram” feature, documenting clips from the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni’s concert in Jordan.

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