The government is just a puppet.. I want dialogue with the army

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed, in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, that he wants dialogue with the army to resolve the current crisis Pakistan in general and his party in particular.

The statements of Khan, who lives in internal and external isolation in his home in Lahore, Punjab province, came during an interview within the program “The Other Dimension” on “Al Arabiya” channel.

Khan tries to keep the flame aliveHe gives speeches daily on his channel on social media, and conducts one interview after another, after witnessing the beheading of his political party, which was founded in 1996, and his name and his wife’s name were placed on the list of those banned from traveling.

In the interview, Imran Khan renewed his call to the army for dialogue, saying that he sees no benefit in dialogue with the government because it is just a “puppet” of the government. Army Commander, General Mounir who admits his personal disagreement with him.

And the four years that Khan spent at the head of the country seem mixed, despite his good dealings with the Corona epidemic and the start of recovery, his government failed to achieve the welfare state, as he did not control corruption within 90 days, as promised, and did not create 10 million jobs.

Nevertheless, Khan said in his interview with Al Arabiya that he has solutions. But before that, the path of “democracy and the rule of law should be restored to the state, because they are the only guarantees of prosperity.”

Khan said that he would not seek revenge in the event of his return to office, expressing his “complete certainty” of winning the elections if they were held today, because his party is the most popular, according to his opinion.

He also criticized the West, saying that it only cares about Russia and China, and that it uses human rights slogans as a weapon for its own benefit only.

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