“The most miserable people in the world.” This is how 98% of Afghans see themselves

Gallup International recently published the results of a survey on the level of satisfaction with their lives in 147 countries in the world. And it was found in the survey that 98% of Afghans consider themselves “the most miserable people” in the world.

According to this survey, Afghanistan received the lowest positive scores among 147 countries in the world, for the second year in a row, as Afghanistan received the highest score in the index. negative experiences In life.

According to a Gallup poll, he accepted Taliban control On authority in Afghanistan, there were limited positive daily life experiences in Afghanistan.

Schoolgirls playing in a school yard in Afghanistan (expressive)

This international institution added that after The Taliban take over in 2021Afghan citizens have lost positive daily feelings and experiences in life to a large extent, and in 2022 these feelings no longer exist and now they are at a level close to stagnant.

Gallup International did not address in its survey the factors that made the Afghan people feel miserable.

But the only sign is that after the Taliban took over, the situation in this country is much worse and people are “miserable” than ever before.

It is noteworthy that the three indicators examined by this institution are “feeling happy”, “resting well” and “learning something new”, which are now at the lowest level in Afghanistan.

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