The Paris coach criticized “Friday prayers”…and the police stopped him

Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier and his son John Valovic were arrested on Friday on charges of discrimination after emails were leaked to her two years ago criticizing his team’s Muslim and black players.

Christophe and his son remained at the headquarters of the judicial police and announced a trial date in December due to alleged discriminatory statements he made when he was coaching Nice, according to the city’s public prosecutor, Xavier Bonhomme.

And last April, there were leaks broadcast by the famous Monte Carlo Radio that Galtier complained about the large number of black and peaceful players in his team in the text of an email sent to Julien Fournier, the sports coach of the French club Nice at the time.

And the “Lafter Foot” program on French “Radio Monte Carlo” stated last April that Galtier, when he was coach of Nice in the 2021-2022 season, complained to Fournier about the large number of black and Muslim players in the team. Ineos, the company that owns Nice Club: John Valovik Galtier, his father’s agent, told me that I built a team of scum, and to my shock at these comments, I asked him for clarification, and he said, “There are only blacks here and half of the team is in the mosque at noon on Friday to ask him to go out and tell him that this The comments were offensive to me.”

And the e-mail added: After the agent left, Galtier came to me and told him what I heard to tell me that I must know the reality of the city in which we live and that we cannot have this number of black and Muslim players in the team, and he added that last night he went to a restaurant and everyone came to him saying We have a team that is all black. There was never a mathematical discussion with Christophe, only about religious beliefs and skin color.

Fournier continued in the email, saying: The weeks preceding the month of Ramadan were a valuable opportunity for Galtier to complain continuously about the Muslim players in the team and their large number, and after a while, when we started preparing for the 2022-2023 season, I asked him about the changes he would like to make in the team, and his response was that he was seeking to Reducing the number of Muslim players as much as possible and dispensing with Jean-Clair Todibo, Youssef Attal, Hicham Boudaoui, Amine Guerre and Mario Lemina. And I began to suggest players such as the Turkish Ozan Kabak, to say that he is Turkish, which means that he is a Muslim, so I do not want him.

And he added: Galtier discovered that his player, Bilal Brahimi, was fasting during Ramadan on match days, to write to me on a daily basis, expressing his dissatisfaction with the matter, which put me in a state of anger at the time towards the coach. To decide to exclude him the next day from meeting Rennes, which prompted me to send a message to him stating that I hope that Brahimi’s exclusion was not due to fasting in Ramadan, because it is something that we must talk about seriously and also calmly and slowly, so we have to meet urgently in order to end the season well, as you always say. .

Fournier concluded in the email: I met with him on the fifth of April and told him to stop doing all the wrong things and that if he could not stop them, then leave the club. Galtier was shocked by my words at the time. Bob Ratcliffe was always aware of all the details and discussions with Galtier, and he also suggested that he meet with Galtier to stop these behaviors that are contrary to the values ​​of Eneos.

According to French sources, reports of the performance of Muslim players during fasting were delivered to Galtier, which revealed that their levels were not affected during the period of stopping eating and drinking.

According to the French “Nice-Matten”, Galtier asked his team players in that season not to fast during the month of Ramadan, and a number of them complied with his request, while others refused. Bodawi was one of those who refused the coach’s request. It is said that Todibo hit one of the cones during the training, objecting to the coach’s request.

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