The Ukraine war has become an actual strategic failure for Russia

CIA Director William Burns said today, Saturday, that Armed rebellion undertaken by the leader of the Wagner Group Russian private military, Yevgeny Prigozhin, showed the devastating effect of “President Vladimir Putin’s war” in Ukraine on his country.

Wagner elements in Rostov during the revolt

“It is remarkable that Prigozhin preceded his actions with a scathing condemnation of the Kremlin’s mendacious reasoning about invading Ukraine and the Russian military leadership’s conduct of the war,” Burns, a former US ambassador to Moscow, said in a lecture delivered at the Ditchley Foundation in Oxfordshire, England.

“The impact of these words and those actions will last for some time, in a vivid reminder of the devastating impact of Putin’s war on his society and his regime,” he added.

Burns described the rebellion as “an armed challenge to the Russian state,” but said it was “an internal Russian matter in which the United States did not participate and will not have any role in it.”

In a related context, Burns considered, “It is always a mistake to underestimate … Obsession with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin control of Ukraine.

He also saw that “Putin’s war in Ukraine has become Indeed, a strategic failure for Russia“.

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