Twitter applies temporary restrictions on reading tweets

US billionaire Elon Musk said in a tweet today, Saturday, that the Twitter platform had implemented temporary restrictions on reading posts to address “extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation.”

Musk explained that the platform has placed temporary restrictions on verified accounts that allow them to read a maximum of 6,000 posts per day, adding that unverified accounts will be allowed to read 600 posts per day, while the maximum number of new unverified accounts will be 300 posts per day.

Elon Musk (Shutterstock)

This step comes after the platform announced that it will require users to have accounts on it in order to be able to view tweets, a move that Musk described on Friday as a “temporary emergency measure.”

Musk said hundreds of organizations or more were scraping Twitter data “very aggressively,” affecting users’ experience.

Musk has previously expressed his displeasure with artificial intelligence companies, such as OpenAI, owner of the chatbot ChatGPT, for using Twitter data.

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