A catastrophic mistake for Facebook…announced the death of a young Egyptian artist

In a catastrophic technical error, the followers of the Egyptian artist, Islam Hafez, were surprised by Facebook’s announcement of his death through his official account on the famous application.

And his followers noticed that Facebook announced the death of the young artist immediately after entering his official account: “In memory of Islam Hafez, we hope for people who love Islam to find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.”

Facebook also devoted a special section to Islam’s obituary, stating, “We hope that this will be a place that Islam’s friends and family will remember and honor,” which is what Facebook offers in the event of the death of someone who has an account on the famous application.

While the artist, Jihan Khalil, the wife of the artist, Islam Hafez, responded to this rumor by publishing a joint photo with her husband and wrote: “May God bless you for me.”

It is noteworthy that Islam Hafez participated in the Ramadan season through the series “Surra Al-Batea” and “Souk El Kanto”.

Islam Hafez and his wife, Jihan Khalil

It is noteworthy that Islam Hafez is participating in the series “It Happened Already”, which is of the type of series of suspense and excitement, and it consists of separate episodes, each story consists of 3 episodes, and its events revolve around mental illness and how it affects the lives of its patients, which is scheduled to be shown during the current year.

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