An individual case that does not represent Tunisians

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Saad, revealed the scenes of what happened at the Bizerte Festival in Tunisia A verbal altercation between him and the organizer of a concert He held it, yesterday, Saturday, indicating that the latter’s behavior is an individual case of non-professional personalities who do not represent the people and the Tunisian media, stressing his recourse to the judiciary.

He said in an official statement, which he posted on his personal page on the “Instagram” website, today, Sunday, “We accepted our first invitation to hold a concert in Tunisia, despite the difficulty of coordinating the time and dates. And overturned the terms of the contract concluded between us and tried to distort us in front of the beloved Tunisian media.

He also added: “An attempt to force us, despite the lack of time and in violation of an explicit clause in the contract, to deal with the media, and despite that, I went out to the media professionals to clarify the situation out of respect for the media and the Tunisian public, and it was nothing but boycotting us in an inappropriate way, an attempt to distort the image of the Egyptian artist in front of the Tunisian media .. Therefore, we took all measures necessary legal procedures.. and I trust the Tunisian prosecution and judiciary.”

He continued, “We apologize to our dear audience, and I tell the large Egyptian audience that it is an individual case of non-professional personalities who do not represent the people of Tunisia and its respected media.”

A verbal altercation…an exaggerated reaction

The owner of “Was Wasa” was attacked by those present on the sidelines of the festival, demanding that he apologize after a sharp verbal altercation broke out between him and the Bizerte Festival organization in Tunisia after he held a public concert on the “open air” stage, without attending the press conference, which prompted the organization to pursue him. and demanding that he abide by the terms of the contract.

This prompted the singer to address her, saying, “Shut up, please..shut up..because you don’t know how to throw parties, and you don’t know how to run parties, and you have nothing to do with parties.” He added, “I came here because of…”.. The same woman interrupted him, saying, “Why? Why do you take 80,000 dollars and get out?”

Then the artist returned again, trying to speak and clarify his position amid demands from the attendees to apologize to the festival director, but he was unable to complete his speech with the screams and demands of the audience rising again, in addition to the festival director who was shouting, “You are less than an artist.”

Social media activists considered that saying “shut up” is considered an insult in their view, and it is not said to the Tunisian woman in her country, while others considered that he was respectful and did not make a mistake with the director of the festival because she interrupted him, indicating that he asked her to remain silent to complete his speech, indicating that his apostasy The act of the festival management and the journalists present was exaggerated.

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