An urgent message from Mbappe to the French… Thus, he commented on the killing of Nael and the riots

Paris Saint-Germain star, Kylian Mbappe, sent a message to the French, against the background of the killing of the young man of Algerian origin Nael Al-Marouzi Shot by police, he called for an end to the riots that have been sweeping France for days.

Mbappe said that he, like all French, was shocked by the brutal death of the boy, Nael. “First of all, our hearts go out to him and his family, to whom we offer our deepest condolences.”

“It is clear that we cannot remain unaware of the circumstances in which this unacceptable death occurred,” he added.

“For many of us from working-class neighborhoods, these feelings of pain and sadness are also shared,” the player continued.

Mbappe considered that “this suffering is added to helping the helpless in a real process of self-destruction.”

“Violence solves nothing, even when it tirelessly turns against those who express it, their families, loved ones and neighbors,” the Paris Saint-Germain star emphasized.

“It is your property that you destroy, your neighborhoods and your cities,” Mbappe said, addressing the protesters, noting that “in this context of intense tension, we cannot remain silent and our civic conscience encourages us to call for calm, awareness and accountability.”

Riots related to this incident continued in many popular neighborhoods in the country, on the night of Friday-Saturday, with a “decreased intensity,” according to the Ministry of the Interior. However, the toll remains high. French police have arrested 994 people across the country, according to the ministry. And she explained, in a still preliminary toll, that “79 policemen and gendarmes were wounded.”

The same source added that about 1,350 cars were set on fire, while 234 buildings were burned or vandalized, and 2,560 fires were recorded on public roads.

The ministry counted 31 attacks on police stations, 16 on municipal police stations, and 11 on gendarmerie barracks, according to Agence France-Presse.

Marseille (the second city in the country) experienced a turbulent night, prompting Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan to send reinforcements to it. The police had announced the arrest of 88 people at around 2 am (midnight GMT) in the ranks of groups of young men who are often masked and “move quickly”.

On Saturday morning, the number of arrests approached 1,000, a higher level than the previous nights, when the police arrested about 900 people.

Part of the political circles raises the issue of imposing a state of emergency in the country, an issue that is being followed closely abroad, especially since France is hosting the Rugby World Cup in the fall, and then the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

The imposition of a state of emergency allows the administrative authorities to take exceptional measures such as curfews, and it was previously imposed in November 2005 after ten days of riots in the suburbs following the killing of two teenagers who were electrocuted in an electrical transformer in which they sought refuge from being pursued by the police.

Nael was shot in the chest by a policeman at close range when two officers were trying to stop his car after he refused to comply, according to the authorities.

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